Extreme Comfort with Sportstech F31 Laufband

Hello, my name is Steve and I am a gym owner in Berlin, Germany. I am running my gym for the past 2 years and my clients usually complain about my trade mill. All the clients have almost the same complaint that the trade mill is not comfortable and they have to put extra effort to walk on that. So, I decided to replace it with a new, comfortable one. I searched the internet for the best option available and came up with Sportstech F31 Laufband. Also, I did get a €70 discount on my order by using Sportstech Gutschein Code.

Sportstech F31 Laufband

Sportstech F31 Laufband is one of the best trade mills available in the market and the price is affordable as compare to others. This machine is a beast with tons of updated features allowing users to do exercise with ease and comfort. They don’t have to put extra effort to run on the machine.

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The DC motor of the machine is powerful enough to run the belt smoothly even with the higher weights. The efficiency of the machine is almost 100% and its LCD monitor gives all the information to its users, including the speed, heart rate, and everything which is needed.

Key Features of the F31 Laufband

  • Long Life DC Motor with 2 HP normal power and 4 HP power at its peak.
  • The smart LCD screen on board with smart treadmill apps for motivated fitness training.
  • 1200x425mm running surface.
  • 16 km/h running speed with automatic 15% incline.
  • Joint and knee-friendly.
  • Shock absorbing and comfortable.
  • Low noise.
  • Running surface made with 5-layers.
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You can make your training more intense for better and effective results with the 15% incline. This will allow you to burn more calories by spending the same amount of time for your training session. Also, this will strengthen your muscles in your legs.

Also, the machine has a self-lubrication system which ensures the distribution of the silicone evenly on all parts of the machine. This feature makes it more reliable and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on re-oiling.

Moreover, the machine has built-in programs such as the B. programs that help users in fat reduction. The size of the machine is compact and its built-in hydraulic system allows the users to fold it easily without any hurdle which means that you can fold it after use allowing you to create more space in your area. The 4 HP motor makes this machine more powerful and reliable and despite having a powerful 4 HP DC motor, the machine is almost noise-free.

My Experience with the F31 Laufband

As a gym owner, I used this machine by myself and I can surely say that thi

s one is the most comfortable and reliable machine that one can ever find. Also, my clients have no complaints now. They are happy to use it and do ask me about the machine. I would recommend everyone to buy this machine and use Sportstech Rabattcode for the discounts on your orders.